Vacuum Pump


Exhaust Pump is Short, Reduce the Deposition of Reactants

Comparing with other types of dry vacuum pump, DENAIR screw vacuum pump has the shortest gas path in the vacuum pump and that could reduce the contamination of process gas. Screw rotors can play as a powder transmission mechanism, we runs well even there has lots of contamination inside the pump.

The Optimal Linear Sealing, The Pump Performance

Patented rotor profile can provide rotor excellent sealing effects thus a larger clearance is allowable in between. Pump rotor wesring and rotor jam by the process contamination can be reduced by larger allowable clearance.

Simple Structure, Low Fault Rate And Easy Maintenance

Screw type vacuum is composed by a pair of screw rotor and isolation plates are required in different between rotors and isolation plates can also be avoided.Overhaul Hanbell dry pump is much easier than other type of dry pump,so the erpair time is shorter and the cost is saver.

Microcomputer Operation, Remote Monitoring, Considerate Protection

Microprocessor controller provides lots of pump parameters for running status monitoring.Pump can be easily operated and monitored by the operation panel.Remote control software can help the customer monitor the pump running status remotely.

DS Series Equal Pitch Screw Vacuum Pump Advantages:

  • Special cooling liquid cooling, to avoid the cooling water may cause corrosion to the hull.
  • Mobile operation interface, convenient operation; Display and the actual work of vacuum pump and can be selected to both languages, according to the real close to the customer
  • Catch the power connector, safe and convenient
  • The nitrogen gas heater, make the vacuum pump is more suitable for CVD, PECVD and other semiconductor technique process
  • The control signals and communication signal interface, remote monitoring was carried out on the vacuum

DS Series Equal Pitch Screw Vacuum Pump Performance Curve